Sunday, December 11, 2011

BP's Love for the Gulf!

The first rant is in response to this:

That's right, BP. The petroleum company that boasts the 4th largest profits of any company in the entire world. Also known as the company that ruined the US gulf coast when an exploratory offshore drilling rig exploded due to a blowout, which dumped roughly 50,000 barrels of oil into the water per day (that's just over 2 MILLION gallons of oil per day) for 86 days straight. Want help with the math? That's 172 MILLION GALLONS of oil dumped into the gulf!

In case you need a reminder:

So here we are, over a year later, and BP begins spewing is propaganda. In the above video, we witness the apparent THRIVING tourist economy of the gulf coast. Punctuated by the innocent statement: ‎"Brought to you by BP, and all of us who call the gulf home!"

First, let's get this straight. Saying that BP calls the gulf home is like saying:
"Brought to you by the Nazis, and all of us who call Poland home!"

But it seems all is well in the gulf, and for BP. Well, not exactly. First, The Wall Street Journal just posted a story two days ago entitiled: More Trouble for BP Over Gulf Oil Disaster. (Ironically, they're being sued by Haliburton!) And, MUCH more importantly, the gulf residents are still literally feeling the ill-effects of BP's evil fiasco. And I don't even want to think about what kind of long-term damage this disaster caused with regard to the animal-life and plant-life (and overall ecosystem) of that entire area.

In any case, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am not sure what's worse, whether BP is actually trying to spin their image so soon after committing crimes equivalent to murder, or if the people will actually fall for such propaganda?
America, after all, is based on such propaganda. Between the images of small family farms on the side of products that come fromfactory farms built upon decimated rain forests and commercials by multi-billion dollar insurance companies thanking its customers for allowing them to keep running their "family business". I am beginning to wonder if we're about to see a Wal-Mart commercial in which they praise themselves for embracing a small-business model.

In any case, if you have one brain cell left you should quickly realize that this BP commercial (featured above) should be cause for even more disdain for a company that DIDN'T EVEN GET A SLAP ON THE WRIST for it's crimes against nature. Anyone who praises BP or even takes a neutral position regarding the matter is a mindless drone and ought to refrain from making any judgment about anything ever again for the rest of their pointless lives.

That is all.